The “Brave New World” of the 21st Century requires a “Brave New Discipleship” strategy.

For Leaders

Why Brave New Discipleship?

If you are a pastor of a church or the leader of a small group, you might be wondering: With the many products on discipleship available today, why would I choose The Brave New Discipleship System as a teaching tool?

Frankly, because the hours are short and The Church desperately needs solid, biblical discipleship training.

A building can never be greater than its foundation. However, in recent years, as American culture has become shallower and shallower, many pastors of mega churches and smaller churches alike have witnessed the shallow-ization of their churches, often describing their congregations as “a mile wide and an inch deep.”

We urgently need an effective resource for this concern.

Because this system is deeply rooted in biblical teaching and presented in practical and effective methodologies, it has the power to be that resource and radically increase the spiritual growth and impact of your church or small group.

The Brave New Discipleship System is the fruit of over 40 years of studying, teaching, pastoring, and experiencing my own journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Its is a simple, yet powerful presentation of the Biblical foundations for becoming a complete Christian and can be viewed as a blueprint for basic discipleship.

Aspiring disciples will gain specific principals, strategies and the personal plans necessary to help bring about significant spiritual growth.

It’s needed. When a believer is not instructed (discipled) or somehow misses one or several basic principals of biblical discipleship, his or her faith can take unnecessary and often painful detours. These gaps in biblical instruction can stunt a believer’s development, which ultimately stunts the Church.

It works. The Brave New Discipleship System is an integrated and comprehensive approach to discipleship that accurately distills the Bible’s foundational teachings on Christian growth and lifestyle into easy-to-understand concepts and real-life application. The system is designed to capture the heart and mind of believers across denominations and cultures by clearly and effectively communicating the biblical basics that every Christian needs to know, that every Christian needs to be and that every Christian needs to do.

It works for everyone. This system will lead any Christian, whether beginner, veteran, or in between, step-by-step through basic discipleship principals that can radically influence an earnest Christian’s capacity to grow spiritually.

It’s new tools for an ancient task.  Discipleship is an ancient task; one that has been handed down from the time of Christ’s first followers to every individual man, woman, and child who has stepped forward to follow Him since.

But – while the task has not changed, times have changed! And the tools we use to disciple must accommodate the way people learn in our “brave new world”.

The Brave New Discipleship System does just that. It uses proven methods of teaching, whether for knowledge (know), lifestyle (be) or ministry skills (do), but recognizes the way our 21st century minds have been effected by electronic media, and engages both the “right brain” (creative/emotional) and the “left brain” (intellectual/objective) when presenting the discipleship material.

So there you have it: The Brave New Discipleship System, new tools for the ancient task of discipling believers into complete Christians.

It’s my hope and prayer that you will find The Brave New Discipleship System a valuable resource in your ongoing discipleship ministry as we join forces together to fulfill our ancient task.



Please consult our FAQ page or contact 7 Marks Resource Group with any questions you may have throughout your Brave New Discipleship journey!


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