The “Brave New World” of the 21st Century requires a “Brave New Discipleship” strategy.


Repetition is the key to mental ownership!

A NanoSummary is a tight summarization of an entire course. For example, Course #1 of the Brave New Discipleship System has nearly ten hours of instruction that has been condensed to fifteen minutes in the NanoSummary. Each NanoSummary is a course review, for those who have completed the corresponding Brave New Discipleship Course.

A 1982 study at Carnegie-Mellon University proved that the mind retains more from a tight summarization of a subject than it does a full presentation of that subject. Therefore, if you want to truly mentally own the information you just studied in any of the four courses, the NanoSummaries are a vital step.

Watch the NanoSummary every day until you can complete the accompanying “Lock-it-in Exercise” with at least 90% accuracy. If you can, shoot for 100% accuracy.

Then, you will be able to pull this information out of your memory bank when you need it. But not only that… you will also be able to pull out of your memory bank any additional information in there that is related to the topics in the NanoSummary – including information you may have learned in the past. It will give you mental firepower that you cannot get any other way.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) To the degree that we do not know the truth, we are vulnerable to ignorance and deception. Take this next step to “mastering the Bible so well that the Bible masters you”.

You can do this! Go for it!

The NanoSummaries are a powerful review system for individuals who have completed the corresponding courses.  They are not intended for those who have not completed the courses. If you have completed any of the full courses, we invite you to take advantage of this easy method for reinforcing your mental ownership of the truths you’ve learned in that course. Just click on the image below to purchase it’s corresponding NanoSummary.

Nano Summary Course 1     Nano Summary Course 2Nano Summary Course 3     Nano Summary Course 4


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