The “Brave New World” of the 21st Century requires a “Brave New Discipleship” strategy.


Q: Who should use The Brave New Discipleship System?

A: The curriculum is extremely flexible and can be used in almost any ministry setting, including:

  • Sunday school
  • evening services
  • small groups
  • home Bible studies
  • discipleship situations
  • Christian schools
  • home schools

Q: What will The Brave New Discipleship System do for me, or my church?

A: This system will equip believers with a basic, but integrated and comprehensive, understanding of who God is, what the Bible says, and how every Christian can access tools that will help them live the meaningful and impactful life God specifically designed for them.

In addition, this system will:

  • Create a thirst for learning the Word of God.
  • Build a foundation for unlimited spiritual growth.
  • Give churches a strategy for helping people become effective Christians who:
    ~ Know what they need to know
    ~ Become what they were meant to be
    ~ Do what they were meant to do

Q: How do l order the Learner’s Manuals?

A: Easy. As soon as you know how many people will be in your group, just log onto the website and order your manuals at our secure online store. Individual learners can also log on and order at the online store just as easily.

You will need one Workbook for each course. To complete the entire Brave New Discipleship System, one learner will need 4 workbooks over the course of a year.

They may be ordered one at a time to spread out costs, or all at once (4 workbooks per student) if you prefer. Order Here

Q: How long will it take my books to arrive?

A: Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Q: How long is each lesson?

A: Each lesson takes one hour, though it can be done in more or less time.

Courses 1 & 2 have 10 lessons each.
Courses 3 & 4 have 8 lessons each.

Your group will view a 25-minute DVD lesson, and then a leader will take the learners through exercises in the Learner’s Manual for another 25 minutes to deepen the learning experience. (A comprehensive Leader’s Guide is included with each Brave New Discipleship System Kit.)

In a small-group format where there may be more time, discussion can last even longer.

Q: Is there a viewing process our group should follow?

A: We recommend that for optimum learning, you encourage your group to view the DVD without taking notes. This may be hard for some people since many group studies encourage filling in worksheets during a DVD session.

But just try this: Simply watch each DVD as an interesting, enjoyable experience. This is the first dimension of the learning experience (the right brain). Then, together, move on to the exercises at the end of the corresponding chapter, which is the second dimension of the learning process (the left brain).

This entire course has been designed for optimum learning and retention of information.

Q: How do I use the Learner’s Manual?

A: Glad you asked. The Learner’s Manuals are vital for receiving the full impact of these courses.

Each chapter of the manuals include:

  1. A full transcript of the DVD lesson. This is intentional. This allows each learner to view the DVD without the pressure of taking notes. It also allows the learner to read the full content if they miss a class and still be able to complete the review sections.
  2. A Bible Knowledge Handbook, Courses 1 & 2, where the learner fills in the blanks and reviews each lesson for memory, understanding, and application. (The answers can be found bolded within the chapter.). At the end of these two Brave New Discipleship courses, each learner has created a Bible Knowledge Handbook summary that will be a valuable reference tool for years to come.
  3. A Spiritual Growth Plan, Course 3, where each learner to evaluates, dreams and then developes a personal plan for getting from where they believe they are to where they want to be spiritually.
  4. A Personal Ministry Plan, Course 4, where the learner gains an understanding of how he’s God-wired for ministry and what personal ministry options would call on those spiritual strengths. At the end of the course he has a potential ministry plan that he believes he’s gifted for, would be successful in and that he would find deeply rewarding.
  5. A Digging Deeper Section that includes A) recommended reading material B) a study passage with a learning prompt, and C) a key memory scripture. (The answer key for the Digging Deeper section is at the very end of the Learner’s Manual.)

 Q: Is this course homework intensive?

A: For the most part, the lessons don’t require any “homework” at all, but rather, the reviews and exercises are completed during class, after viewing the DVD.  There is a “Digging Deeper” section at the end of each lesson, which is purely optional. However, the reviews and exercises at the end of the lessons must be completed or the value and impact of the discipleship system will be significantly reduced.

Learners are also strongly encouraged to complete the plans included in the course that point learner’s toward specifics in spiritual growth and personal ministry – this may take some time for reflection, but it can be done at the learner’s own pace. The Brave New Discipleship System can only work for you if you commit to the system as designed for optimum learning.

Q: How long should it take my group to complete the entire course?

A: The Brave New Discipleship System is designed to be completed at the pace of about one course per quarter. The number of lessons allows for groups to take breaks for holidays or other reasons and still complete the entire system in one year.

Q: Do I really need to purchase a Learner’s Manual?

A: YES! The Learner’s Manuals are required for participants of each course (4 manuals total). In fact, we ask Leaders to commit that they will not present the DVD teaching without requiring each student to have the appropriate Learner’s Manual. (Manuals can be purchased by a group leader or an individual here.)

 The purpose for this is:

  1. So the learner can relax and enjoy the DVD lesson without having to worry about missing anything or taking notes. Everything that is spoken in the DVD lesson is in the manual. However, if a person misses a DVD/class session, he still has all the content in his manual and can easily catch up, completing the very important reviews and exercises on his own.
  2. To drive home the truths of the DVDs through carefully designed end-of-the-chapter exercises, by which also, the learner creates a Bible Knowledge Handbook, a Spiritual Growth Plan and a Personal Ministry Plan.

Q: What if there’s an issue with my DVD?

A: The quality of The Brave New Discipleship DVDs is guaranteed.

If you have any problems with a DVD please contact us immediately and we will replace it!

We do recommend that as a Leader, you prepare by previewing the DVDs far enough ahead of time, so that if there is a problem, it can be corrected in time for your class.

Q: Can I order additional DVDs for our church?

A: At present, we are not able to accommodate separate purchases of the individual DVD sets. However, recognizing that some churches or ministries may have multiples classes studying at the same time in different venues and with different Leaders, each of whom will need their own DVDs, Learner’s Manual and Leader’s Guide, we have multiple Kit purchases discounts.

Q: Are the sessions easy to lead?

A: Yes! The sessions are extremely easy to lead. It’s as simple as putting in the DVD, waiting 25 minutes, and talking through the questions in the manual at the end of each chapter. A Leader’s Guide (for courses 1-4) is provided in your Kit, with an Answer Key and suggestions for the discussion time.

Group discussion around the material is expected, encouraged, and an exciting part of the Brave New Discipleship System spiritual growth process. With the breadth of ground covered in each DVD, and the questions provided at the end of each chapter in the Learner’s Manuals, we have seen that discussion comes very easily!

Q: What is the Bible Knowledge Handbook and why is it important?

A: You will find the Bible Knowledge Handbook in the knowledge (KNOW) Courses 1 & 2. Learners create the handbook as they learn, which is a powerful outline of Christian belief, focusing on those areas of historic agreement among Christians, leaving it to the individual churches to spell out their convictions on the more specific areas. The Bible Knowledge Handbook summarizes this important body of Christian belief on three essential levels: memory, understanding and life application.

Q: What is the Spiritual Growth Plan and why is it important?

A: In the lifestyle (BE) Course #3, the learner creates his or her own Spiritual Growth Plan for all 7 Marks of a Complete Christian. The learners assess where they think they are, presently, in each of the seven areas, determine where they would like to be, and construct a plan for how they are going to get there.

This is a very powerful tool for a Christian at any level of faith. A Spiritual Growth Plan can add significant clarity, direction and depth to both your relationship with God and the pace of your spiritual development.

As time passes, you will want to reassess your spiritual maturity progress, to look for areas of growth, as well as areas that may need more attention. The manual includes additional Spiritual Maturity Growth Charts for the learner’s future use.

Q: What is the Personal Ministry Plan and why is it important?

A: In the ministry skill (DO) Course #4, the learner develops a Personal Ministry Plan for doing what he was created by God to do, based on an understanding of his or her God-wiring for ministry, with special focus on spiritual gifts, personality and temperament.

From new believers to seasoned bible teachers—The Personal Ministry Plan has reportedly been a game-changer for many who have taken this course!

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We have 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee on the Brave New Discipleship System and NanoSummaries! Please see the Terms and Conditions for details.

Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?

A: Sorry, we we do not ship outside of the Continental US at this time.

Still have Questions? Contact Us!

In this “brave new world” of the 21st century, it’s time for Christians to really KNOW our faith, BE the people God is calling us to be, and DO the things He has called us to do as individual disciples and as a Church. Are you ready to get started?

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