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Three Reasons Your Worldview Is Critical

Posted on: November 10, 2015

Worldview is Critical.001


Have you wondered…

  • Why our nation is so polarized now
  • Why the political process is to fractured and uncompromising
  • Why the politically correct movement is shutting down free speech on campuses and in journalism
  • Why red America and blue America are staring at each other across a great cultural divide, each thinking the other is either evil or nuts?

The dramatic polarization in American culture today is because of the great schism in our worldviews.

It used to be that most everyone in America had a similar worldview. Most believed in God, believed that there was truth in the Bible and that if followed, in the areas of morality, industry and charity, would lead us down a good path. The historic Judeo-Christian values upon which our country was founded united us as Americans.

But in the last fifty years, there has been a great schism in that worldview. It started out as a rift, but has deepened into a complete rupture, with a large percentage committed to “traditional” American values, and a nearly-equal percentage committed to “progressive” values.

So when we look at an issue such as abortion, for example, compromise is virtually impossible. Traditionalists may believe humans are created equal, in the image of God, with inherent and infinite value, that life begins at conception, and that therefore abortion is equal to murder, the taking of an innocent human life. This would extend even to the issue of rape and incest because the innocent human life created by those two acts is still created in the image of God with inherent and infinite value.

Progressives may believe there is no God, that humans are biological accidents – just a collection of molecules – that human life does not have inherent and infinite value. It is a “product of conception” not considered fully human until it has developed enough to take on value by other humans. Therefore, in a pregnancy, the convenience of the mother takes precedent over the value of the “product of conception,” which is considered expendable based on the preference of the mother.

Opposing worldviews cannot be compromised. It’s one or the other, all or nothing.

Nearly all the major worldview issues are equally black and white, rooted in whether or not God exists. If He does, we follow His rules. If He doesn’t, we follow our own rules, with the result that the majority wins, or the one with the most power wins.

So, here we are as Christians, immersed in a culture with warring worldviews. And because of the inherent power of culture to shape those immersed in it, Christians can be lulled or seduced into embracing worldview values that are in direct conflict with Christian values. Without even realizing it, we can begin to embrace beliefs that put us on a collision course with the will of God.

So, there are three reasons your worldview is critical:

  1. To keep our own life on track. If you are not clear on who God is, on whether or not objective truth exists, if you are not clear on the nature of humanity, or how to explain evil and suffering, or the purpose of life, then when the hard times come, chances are good you will crack. Chances are you will end up deeply questioning God, yourself, or the purpose in life.
  1. To help guide those who are looking to you for direction. It may be your children, grandchildren, other family members, coworkers, friends or – if you have a large footprint – the lives of those in your sphere of influence in the public that are looking to you.
  1. To meaningfully engage those who disagree with you. As we started out saying, there is very little room for compromise between those whose worldview starts with God and those whose worldview starts with no God. In order to win them to the truth, we must win them with the truth, which we cannot do unless we are clear on it ourselves, both articulating it and living it.

Someone has said, “Everyone is a theologian.” It’s true. Everyone believes something about God and acts consistently on that belief, even if it is “atheism.”

The same is true of worldviews: Everyone has a worldview and acts consistently with it. And that action determines one’s entire life. Therefore, we must choose our worldview, not merely catch it like the measles. We must set our course in life so that when it is over, we will not regret the destination.

For the next several weeks here on the blog, I’m going to be addressing that critical issue, looking at several areas in which We Must Establish a Christian Worldview in This Post-Christian Culture. If you know of someone you think might enjoy the journey with us, please share this blog with him/her.


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