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The 3rd Mark of a Complete Christian: Grows in Biblical Knowledge

Posted on: July 14, 2015

BND Mark #3


Knowledge isn’t everything, but everything rests on knowledge. Therefore a complete Christian masters the Bible so well that the Bible masters him.

Jesus said “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) To the degree that we do not know the truth, we are vulnerable to ignorance and deception. So, for the Christian, knowledge isn’t everything, but it is a good thing, a powerful thing, something that a Christian must commit to acquiring.

For many years teaching in several seminaries, I would often ask my classes the question, “If you know the Bible, what do you know?” I would write the answers on a board as rapidly as I could until the board was filled with examples of what one would know if he knew the Bible.

The answers always fell into three categories:

  1. The facts of the Bible
  2. The doctrines of the Bible
  3. The principles of Christian living

This was a very helpful observation that guided and influenced my teaching initially. After a number  of years teaching those three categories, however, I added  two more categories of things that must be included if you want the most powerful command of knowledge necessary:

  1. Predictable problems
  2. Apologetics

Regarding predictable problems, in every age, from infancy to old age, and every age in between, there are predictable problems that will be faced that the Bible has wisdom and guidance for. To know those ahead of time can help us prepare for them and bring timely wisdom to them.

Regarding apologetics, there are predictable issues that can challenge and endanger the faith of Christians. To know those issues before they endanger a Christian, and to have answers for them, can safeguard the faith of Christians and can give them power in sharing their faith with others.

Those, then, are the five categories of knowledge that we must address if we are going to “know the Bible.”  As we pursue our biblical knowledge, there are four steps to mastering the Bible so well that the Bible masters you:

  1. Read the Bible (for breadth)
  2. Study the Bible (for depth)
  3. Memorize the Bible (to master the Bible)
  4. Meditate on the Bible (for the Bible to master you)

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Knowledge is power and it is one of the greatest weapons for Christians.  It is not everything, but everything rests on it.


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