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Power-Cleanse Your Soul with SuperVerses

Posted on: September 22, 2015



For the last two weeks we have been talking about power-feeding our souls by memorizing and meditating on MegaVerses. This week we want to talk about power-cleansing our souls by meditating on SuperVerses.

MegaVerses are passages so important to a vital Christian experience that every Christian needs to master those verses so well that the verses master them. We do this by

  • Making sure we understand the verses
  • Memorizing them so well we do not have to struggle to recall them
  • Meditating on them throughout the day. (If you have not read the previous two blogs on MegaVerses, I urge you to do so.)

In contrast to MegaVerses, SuperVerses are specific verses in the Bible that can be used like spiritual laser beams, shooting intense spiritual truth into our souls directed specifically to one of our personal spiritual needs. The example I used was my own anger as a young man. I memorized and meditated on “anger” verses to give the Holy Spirit the ammunition to cleanse me of uncontrolled anger.

Yet I knew other people with placid temperaments who did not struggle with anger. They might struggle with anxiety and worry, or materialism, or impure thoughts, or arrogance. In which case, they would have other verses that would be SuperVerses for them.

SuperVerses are so powerful because they can be used to target the specific things in our lives that need spiritual remediation. The process of mental renewal is the same as with MegaVerses, with one practical exception. Since we may be limited in the amount of Scripture that we can memorize, we take one SuperVerse or set of verses, and read them each day, meditating on their meaning for us. Unless we feel we have the mental bandwidth to do so, we do not actively try to memorize them. We just use the reading of them as the basis for our meditation. However, we do so each day – and better, several times a day – until by sheer force of repetition, we have them memorized without actively trying to memorize them.

When I first started this process some years ago, I did not yet make a distinction between SuperVerses and MegaVerses. That came later. I started out with a whole set of both SuperVerses and MegaVerses that I had written down. I read them each day for many months. Before too long, I had them memorized without actively trying to memorize them. Remember, repetition is the key to mental ownership. In that process, I learned three things:

  • You can memorize verses by sheer force of repetition
  • It is eventually better to memorize for meditation than to read for meditation
  • But it is better to read for meditation than not to meditate at all.

Therefore, it you are able to memorize your SuperVerses along with your MegaVerses, go for it! And my congratulations! But if not, don’t neglect the SuperVerses because of memorizing the MegaVerses. You can meditate on both if you do not have to memorize both.

My recommendation is to:

  • Pick a SuperVerse(s) that speaks directly to the most important issue in your life that needs renewal
  • Read it daily for at least a month
  • Once you have it memorized, go on to the next. If you have it memorized by the end of a month, go on to your next SuperVerse. If not, stick with it until you do have it memorized and then add another.

But here is a Grand Tip! The same as with the MegaVerses. Once you have your first SuperVerse memorized and you go to your next SuperVerse, don’t leave the first one behind. Keep it and add the next one to it! So, you will have one memorized SuperVerse that you mentally rehearse each day, and one that you read. Then, the next month (or whenever you are ready) you have two SuperVerses memorized and one you are reading. And so on. Before long, you will be able to recite more verses from memory than you ever dreamed possible. The key is not a steel-trap memory. The key is tenacity and repetition. The key is simply never giving up. Remember, repetition is the key to mental ownership. Notice how I keep repeating that?

It is through repetition that information in the conscious brain sinks into the non-conscious brain, where our true attitudes, values and behavior reside. As we repeat these passages over and over again, the brain rewires itself, creating new ways of responding to life’s circumstances, sinking into the subconscious and transforming our attitudes, values and behavior.

Start out with baby steps. One MegaVerse(s) that you actively try to memorize and one SuperVerse(s) that you read for a month (or until you eventually have it memorized by the sheer force of daily reading). When you move on to your next verses, do not leave the old ones behind. Keep them, and add the new ones to them. Before long, you will be able to recite from memory more verses than you ever thought possible. And better, you can meditate on them wherever and whenever you want, at the drop of a hat, pulling them from your memory rather than your pocket. Speedier life change than you have ever experienced before is just around the corner.


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