The “Brave New World” of the 21st Century requires a “Brave New Discipleship” strategy.

Does Media-Based Discipleship Work?

Posted on: May 12, 2015

What is the role of relationships vs. electronic media in discipleship? Electronic media, meaning DVD and internet-based curriculum, can be a big help in discipleship if it is the right electronic media, and if it is used in the right way. But it will never replace the centrality of personal relationships in discipleship. With the…

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The Marks of 21st Century Discipleship

Posted on: May 05, 2015

21st Century Discipleship Blog Image

What some spiritual resources are going to have to look like in the 21st Century. On this website, you will see an approach to discipleship that, I believe, is going to be essential for spiritual success as we move deeper into the 21st century. Many people agree that the church seems to be losing the…

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