The “Brave New World” of the 21st Century requires a “Brave New Discipleship” strategy.

5 Steps to a Meaningful New Year!

Posted on: December 29, 2015

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DAYDREAM AND A PLAN IS STRATEGY Harold Kushner made the following observation in his book, When All You Ever Wanted Isn’t Enough: “Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth, or power. Those rewards create almost as many problems as they solve. Our souls are hungry for meaning, for the…

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What Do You See When You Look at the Manger?

Posted on: December 22, 2015

THE CREATOR GOD OF THE UNIVERSE IS LYING IN THE MANGER One of the challenges for earnest Christians at Christmas time is for the cultural realities of Christmas not to overshadow the spiritual realities. The nativity story is an engaging and heartwarming story, and the temptation is to place it along other engaging and heartwarming…

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How Does DNA Point to God?

Posted on: December 15, 2015

DNA IS SO COMPLEX IT IS UNREASONABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR IT BY CHANCE If we don’t understand who God is, we’ll never understand what/who humanity is. That is why we started our study of worldview issues with who God is. Get that right and everything right follows. Get that wrong, and everything wrong follows. Who…

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Do You Know Enough to Stand Your Own Against the Tide?

Posted on: December 08, 2015

SOMEONE WITH JUST A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE HOLDS SWAY OVER SOMEONE WHO HAS NONE Two weeks ago, we looked at three reasons to believe that God exists: The existence of the universe The design of the universe The uniqueness of humanity Last week we said that if God exists, we have to decide which God. We…

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How to Decide Which God to Believe In

Posted on: December 01, 2015

IF WE DECIDE GOD EXISTS, WE THEN MUST DECIDE WHICH GOD There are three categories of divinity from which to choose when deciding which God is the creator God: Naturalistic gods of groups such as Native Americans or Amazonian Tribal People or African Shamans, etc. Gods of eastern religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism, ……

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