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    Self-Discipline: the Key to Personal Freedom! Part 2

    SELF-DISCIPLINE WILL GUARD US FROM DISASTER AND HELP US ACHIEVE OUR POTENTIAL Many of us identify with Oscar Wilde who famously said, “I can resist anything but temptation.” But temptation needs to be resisted. That’s where self-discipline comes in. In last week’s blog, we talked about the fact that self-discipline…

    Self-Discipline: the Key to Personal Freedom! Part 1

    THE FREEDOM TO ACHIEVE OUR GREATEST POTENTIAL IN LIFE DEPENDS ON SELF-DISCIPLINE Someone once said, “In order to be free to sail the seven seas, you must make yourself a slave to the compass.” This is because every freedom has a corresponding bondage, and every bondage has a corresponding freedom.…

    10 Lessons on Life from a Navy SEAL

    NAVY SEAL TRAINING APPLIED TO THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Navy SEAL training is among the most challenging military training in the world, involving six months of long, torturous runs in soft seashore sand, midnight swims in the cold water off San Diego, brutal obstacle courses, unending calisthenics, days without sleep and…


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    "In Brave New Discipleship, Max Anders has done for discipleship what he did for the Bible in his bestselling book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible… take a complex subject, boil it down to its irreducible minimum, and drive it home with groundbreaking creativity. If you want to grow spiritually, or help others grow, try this breakthrough approach to discipleship!"


    —Michael Hyatt
    Former President and Chairman, Thomas Nelson Publishers
    Author, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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